The Cumberland Foundry was founded in 1949 by Thomas Lucchetti and in the intervening years many things have changed.  Al Lucchetti took over the business from his father in 1984, the Company now has 30 employees and the equipment and facilities have been updated and modernized -- but the dedication to hard work, service, quality and competitive pricing remain the same as they did in 1949.

Customer Service: From the minute your order enters our foundry, Vice President/Production Manager Tom Lucchetti and Plant General Manager Jim Murphy oversee all aspects of the production and delivery of your job.  In addition, all orders are computer tracked and controlled and we maintain a complete history on all orders to facilitate re-orders and to answer any questions you might have about past or current jobs.  You can depend on our on-time deliveries and, because we are flexible and dedicated, we can deliver items overnight if needed.

Production Facilities: Cumberland maintains a complete pattern shop facility with a separate 4800 square foot building for pattern storage and maintenance.  We use Inductotherm coreless induction furnaces with a 750 KW power supply and two 1500 pound capacity furnaces to produce gray and ductile iron castings up to 1000 pounds using green sand molding.   We have capabilities in all phases of bench, squeezer or floor molding, and we recently installed a Model 3161 Roto-Lift.  Our cleaning equipment includes: Wheelabrator, tumble and table blasting and Setco High Speed grinders.  Heat treating is available when required.

Quality Control: All raw materials come from certified scrap dealers and undergo chemical analysis before use.  Molding materials are constantly tested and monitored to maintain the highest levels of casting finishes.  Our melt deck laboratory includes a microscope, brand new Bruker Spectrometer, and Leeds and Northrup Digilab equipment used to check the chemical consistency of each pour.  All finished pieces are subject to visual inspections.  Brinnel hardness testing, chemical and physical analysis are done on a regular basis.  Metalography is available when requested.

Customer Base: We are pleased to service a wide customer base.  We currently do work for textile, electronics, machine tool, construction, architectural and general manufacturing companies.  If you need an iron casting, whether prototype or production, whether routine or one-of-a-kind The Cumberland Foundry is your answer!

Facilities List:
Gray Iron - Ductile Iron - Wood and Metal Patterns - Squeeze Molding
Bench Molding- Floor Molding - Roto-Lift - Induction Melting
Heat Treating* - Chemical and Physical Analysis*
*available off site


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